I'm going to become a Sky Dragon!  
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While everyone is throwing awesome theories and headcanons, I sit around thinking about how cute Wendy looks.

Conclusion: she’s the cutest. 

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Just a reminder to my indie followers that I do have an indie Wendy blog I’m trying to be more active on!

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Levy: We’re going to do that too?

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"What’s a girlfriend."

It’s someone like… someone you’re in love with! Romantically…? At least that’s how I think humans perceive it…?" As she’s just an alraune, she isn’t sure.

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Timid and too sweet, but he knew they had common enemies. That’s why his kind liked the alraune enough to protect them, and perhaps because they both had enough sentience to think and speak. That didn’t mean he had to play nice. There is a grin of tapered fangs, a silky chuckle. Clawed fingers dug into the earth, pinching out a bit of dirt and harmlessly sprinkled her head. 

"Watch out you don’t get crushed and wilt away into the dirt then, girl."


In response to the dirt, the girl winced a little, shaking the soil loose from her leafy form rapidly. He was toying with her… wasn’t he? But he didn’t seem to want to hurt her. It wasn’t like there’d never been a case of a beastman attacking an alraune - the alraune were the weakest of the six races, after all. It was important that they’d allied themselves with a powerful race like the beastmen. Otherwise… other races like humans would come to harvest them and use them for medicines and food. 

I-I don’t have a choice! I’m not even a warrior, I’m just a dancer…" A pause followed, as she fiddled with her rose skirt. "Hey… mister beastman…? Do you have somewhere you need to be right now…? I mean… I could use an escort! I could pay you!

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Sometimes, they nearly blended in, if it wasn’t for their sweet scent. Her voice is vaguely familiar, but otherwise it’s just a girl. In a casual stride, he planted his claws on the ground before her.

"Who’re you trying to fool?"


Appearance in perspective, it seemed that for all intents and purposes, Wendy had been assimilated into the game’s setting. But what remained was her mind, something that was slowly being converted as well. So much that, while she sensed a familiarity with this beastman, the name wouldn’t come as much as she tried.

W-Well I mean…" The alraune girl shook ever so slightly, her flowery form (even smaller than she’d been as a human) exaggerating every quiver. Compared to the beastman, she was nothing more than a weed, and her lack of offensive abilities only made her more nervous. "Th-That’d be like saying beastmen are ‘animals’, right? We alraune aren’t j-just… plants…

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